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This event was held on 2019.06.01 (Sat).

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1st Miyakojima International Cultural Exchange Festival 2019/第1回 宮古島国際文化交流フェスティバル2019

  • date_range 06.01 (Sat) 10:00 to 04:00
  • grade 1st Miyakojima International Cultural Exchange Festival】

【第1回 宮古島国際文化交流フェスティバル】
・場所:JTAドーム宮古島 沖縄県宮古島市平良字下里2511-35
TEL : 0980-72-3880
沖縄ダンス、ロシアダンス、インドネシアダンス、サンバ、ズンバ etc…

1st Miyakojima International Cultural Exchange Festival】
· Opening date: Saturday, June 1, 2019 - Monday, June 10,
· Location: JTA Dome Miyakojima
· Contents: This festival is a major event of music and dance by domestic and foreign folk performing arts organizations.
It is held in Miyakojima, which is surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature in Japan and has a long tradition of tradition.
During the period, world folk culture gathers at Miyakojima and you can experience the world music and dance together.
Participating organizations will also visit schools and welfare institutions to conduct international cultural exchanges.
Comfortable with tropical weather in June of Miyakojima!
It is perfect for sightseeing because the rainy season rain and typhoon will not last long.
Playing in the sea, International live and food
You can enjoy cultural exchange for plenty of days.
● Live stage
Okinawa dance, Russian dance, Indonesian dance, samba, zumba . african dance ,belly dance, salsa, rumba, etc ...
● Food booth
Miyakojima cuisine, African food, Brazilian food , caribbean food, asian food, european food,

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