With an exploding fanbase not only in BASS MUSIC,UK HARDCORE but across genres, "GAMMER" makes his first-ever appearance at ageHa!

  • date_range 03.16 (Sat) 23:00 to 05:30
  • grade HARD CORE / BASS / EDM
  • labelGAMMERYOSHIMASADANTZTAKAHASHI YU23TO NIKOaki-hiroHeraldTAKANORILIGHTCELLanemonerecordsMK (JPN)G-NAILSHIKARU2ilineHerbalistekDJ ONNYSolunamanaliaMASA-YMasayoshi Iimori (TREKKIE TRAX)DJ ShimamuraM-ProjectMorphonics a.k.a. 紙袋GettyRelectSAY8AmarettoaunyMC STONEふもっふ/FumoffuDJ AEMIBEPPUO-FUNEDJ ITZPIROKICHI
BASS MUSIC, UK HARDCOREファンのみならずジャンルを超えてファン急増中の「GAMMER」がageHaに初登場!

"TCPT presents ELECTRIC THUNDER" welcomes "GAMMER" with the first party of 2019.

With popularity kicked off by his 2016 remixes of KAYZO's "Frequency" and Porter Robinson's "Language," he went on in 2017 to release an array of hits such as major hit "The Drop" and "Party Don't Stop," achieving a cross-genre explosion in popularity. He has also performed at EDC Las Vegas and many other major global festivals. In addition, his song "Stay Young," with Darren Styles and Dougal, has seen major trending on Tik Tok since the end of last year and remains fresh in memory as a social phenomenon.

With incredible support from all sides, GAMMER will answer the hopes of his fans and take this opportunity to enter the ageHa arena. Party Don't Stop!!

  • Event by TCPT